My Introduction To You

Hello there! This is my first blog, but I really wanted to share my continuing experiences as a sugar baby and answer any questions you may have about the lifestyle. A little bit about me: I’m 21 years old, I live in a small town in Indiana, and I’m married. I’m not currently in school, but I would love to go back when the timing is right. I have three sugar daddies at the moment and I hope to post every week or two, depending  how much I have to share with you or focus towards any questions you may have.

Being a sugar baby is very controversial and many people don’t even know exactly what it is. Most people would explain it as a young, attractive female that in exchange for companionship (and 99% of the time: sex) would, in return, would receive money, gifts, and travel. I would describe it like a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship with money involved and a lot of time, travel. In my case, I can’t go on exquisite trips with these guys because I would need  to come up with a really good excuse for my husband. For me, I can (where my husband doesn’t question it) go out every week to meet one of my sugar daddies. I also can’t spend the night with any of them. I have three of sugar daddies right now, so, unfortunately, I only get to see each of them once a month and take that last week off to keep my husband happy. He says I go out to often and I stay out too late, but he soon gets over it.

All three of my sugar daddies know I’m married and know that my husband doesn’t know. They still chose to pursue me and they know my limitations (I can’t go on trips or spend the night).

You would think that every sugar daddy is an old, creepy, rich guy that just wants to get laid and pay for it. That is a common misconception and that is not how it really is, most of the time. Sure, there are many sugar daddies like that, but there are so many other guys to choose from. Also, most of these guys want more of a girlfriend type relationship, where the baby goes on trips and dinners with the daddy and sex is expected most of the time, which leads me to my next point. Sex isn’t always a part of the arrangement because every arrangement is different (though I have no experience with this type of arrangement). These guys that are looking for a strictly platonic relationship are hard to find though, so don’t get your hopes up. There are also guys on Seeking Arrangements that want just sex, but that is not the job of a sugar baby. Those guys are looking for a prostitute, and a lot of girls on the site are just that.

You’re probably curious about how I manage being married and this lifestyle that I’ve chosen. Well, he doesn’t know and I don’t plan on telling him. A few months ago, when I was thinking about joining Seeking Arrangements, I asked my husband if he would let me be a sugar baby and of course, he was very much against it. He didn’t even know what exactly what that was. I just told him that I would meet guys for a date and I would get payed for it (even though I knew that most of the guys I would meet would expect more.) He still disagreed with me, saying that he wouldn’t want another guy going on dates with me and treating me like a girlfriend. I understood his logic, but I joined the site anyways.

Thank you for reading! On my next post, I’ll explain my first encounter with my first sugar daddy and how my goals on the site changed. I’d be happy to hear any suggestions for posts and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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